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When the receiver number is dialed, the receiver will recognize numbers programmed into it through the caller ID and it will open the gate, it can also text you v/hen the gate is opened and closed

The GSM receiver has the capacity to save 64 numbers

Some kits include a battery and some kits do not, general kits with larger batteries (better quality solar kits) and ones that can run directly off of A/C do not.

A fully charged Group size 24 deep cycle battery will provide up to 300 cycles or an average of 30 days usage on a basic system before requiring a recharge.

The intercom has 3 basic functions, it works as a keypad system, it works as a receiver that can open and close your gate remotely and finally it works as an intercom through the mobile phone system.

Yes, the remote transmitters are compatible with estate swing gate openers as well as some other brands.

For the Estate Swing gate, 061-T6 wrought aluminum alloy is used as the base metal. Aluminum alloys are stronger than many other materials of comparable density and are knov/n for their resistance to corrosion making this a quality choice in material. This material has twice the strength of steel, meaning it will take twice the "hit" without bending.

The 6061-T6 wrought aluminum used for these gates contains no iron and therefore does not rust. This alloy is specifically used for durability, resilience, and a rust free life.

The estate swing gates are manufactured in USA

The estate swing collection include the following gates:
Single Swing -12 foot, 14 foot
Dual Swing -14 foot, 16 foot
Single Slide -14 foot
Single 3-Rail Gate Frame
And a matching garden gate

Yes, the exit wands are compatible with estate swing gate openers as well as all other national brands.

The classic series models ES 300, ES 302, ES 500, ES 502, ESL450, ESC 400, ESC 402