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Estate Swing believes that safety should be the ultimate goal for any distributor of automatic gate openers. Our commitment to this policy is apparent in the quality of electric gate opener products we offer. Each of our products has several safety measures, as appropriate to the specific product (gate opener, accessory, etc.).

All of our driveway gate openers meet and exceed the anti-crushing safety standards, which means that samples of the complete product have been tested against nationally recognized safety standards and have been found to be free from certain risk of specific safety hazards. As a result, customers can be sure that all of our automatic gate openers have met accepted and consistently tested safety standards; these international standards are testament from an outside organization that our electric gate openers demonstrate superior levels of safety. Moreover, all of our gate opener safety measures function on a normally closed circuit. This is a more active means of operation, and it allows the safety measures to be more reliable than on a normally open circuit. For instance, if a safety measure does not activate for any reason, the opener will not operate, keeping loved ones and property safe. Most other electric gate openers function on a normally open circuit, which means the consumer does not know the safety device is not working properly until it is too late; the automatic gate opener will function without the safety measure in place, which could lead to disaster. We recognize that the risk is unacceptable, and we offer gate opener products that are designed to reduce the risk in every way possible.

Similarly, all of our electric gate openers have adjustable obstruction sensing and optional full control. This means that the homeowner can adjust the obstruction safety measures to suit individual lifestyle needs. For example, a home with animals and small children might have more sensitive settings, while a home with a single resident might have less sensitive settings since obstruction would be less likely. Of course, the safety measures cannot be turned off altogether; should the gate come into contact with an obstruction, it will cease to operate. This prevents or reduces damages or injuries. Optional full control is the safest setting for gate opener operation. All of our electric gate openers can be set to automatically reclose after opening to the fully open position, but this risks closure on pedestrians or property. The safer setting is full control with a remote device; after the vehicle or pedestrian has passed through the driveway gate, it is safe to signal the gate opener to close the gate.

Additionally, all of our driveway gate openers run on low voltage systems, which makes installation and accessory installation more convenient and, more importantly, safer. Low voltage systems are safe enough for DIY installation, but they also make adjustments after installation safer. Adding accessories like intercoms, photo eyes, remotes, etc. is made safer with the low voltage design of our gate openers.

Estate Swing also ensures gate opener safety with accessories that enhance the safety of gate opener operation. All of our remotes have a deliberate attempt function, meaning that the button must be held for a second and anything less will not be acknowledged. This means that there is little chance of reversing the gate accidently on a vehicle or pedestrian, and in combination with our optional full control feature, this is truly the safest means of operating any automatic gate opener. In addition, we offer photo eyes which are a convenient means of automatically activating the driveway gate opener. To ensure safety, our photo eyes activate the automatic gate opener only when a metallic object traveling at more than 5 mph passes through the photo-eye beam. This means that pets and children are not likely to activate the photo eye so the driveway gate maintains a secure barrier.